Oxalá is born through the combined talents of Ana Ruiz Mayagoitia and Ricardo Giesemann, who decided to create a line of products that reflect the way they conceive a gourmet experience. Delicious, simple, casual, fun.


 The spicy jams, preserves and seasonings are a gourmet line of innovative products developed by the Chef.


 Meanwhile, Ricardo, whose experience in the field of coffee accumulates throughout his life, presents a selection of coffee of the highest quality and best flavor.


 The all-handcrafted line has been developed with original recipes that allow consumers to purchase not only a product cared for in all its aspects, but a product that is in itself a delicate dining experience.

 Raising the ecological flag, all Oxalá packaging are recyclable and production processes are, in their entirety, friendly towards the environment.


 As a result of the creativity of both Ana and Ricardo to provide the best of Mexico, the current Oxalá product line is not limited to the above, as they already have created and tested new delicacies, waiting out the market.